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What Are Some Alternatives To Google
Google is the most used search engine today. Google holds a market share of more than 90% in a number of countries. What are the biggest competitors to it currently? What alternatives are there to Google if you need to find information on the Internet. We will discuss the advantages as well as the weaknesses of these search engines. Read this for an example.

Microsoft's Bing Search Engine
Microsoft's Bing Search Engine is the most well-known alternative for Google. Visually, they look very similar. They offer information on each result of a search engine (a title and descriptions and a hyperlink to that result). You can also find facts of interest in some results by making use of the panels located on the right side of the navigation. Bing also has vertical search engines, which can be used to search for news images, videos, or other content. These may appear both in the main search engine results and on distinct pages. Google has been criticized for the way it displays YouTube videos prominently on video searches. But this hasn't been a problem for Bing. Bing, just like Google is able to analyze user behavior. It keeps track of users' search queries as well as the results they clicked. This allows Bing the ability to display targeted ads directly within its results for searches. Bing can also be able to display personalised ads within its Windows operating system.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-10-06-at-9.21.38-AM.png]

Duckduckgo Search Engine
DuckDuckGo is another search engine that you can use in place of Google. The DuckDuckGo search engine executes your query when you launch with a new search. DuckDuckGo will retrieve the results of Bing and display them to you in your web browser. The search results from this engine will not bring you in to direct contact with Bing. Bing cannot be aware of any personal information, like your IP address or geographical location. DuckDuckDuckGo also displays ads on its search results. It is a US search engine does not collect any user data so it can't serve targeted ads. If you search for "holidays", it will only return ads about the phrase or keyword you searched for. Since it doesn't know anything about you, it won’t be able use it. Bing, Google and other search engines are quite similar in our opinion. It's all down to personal preferences as to which one you prefer. DuckDuckGo is user-friendly and is completely anonymous.

[Image: 2014-09-30-17_58_24-DuckDuckGo-760x400.png]

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